International VDI Congress "Drivetrain for Vehicles" (DRITEV)

The transmission industry has been in flux over the past 15 years: the intensifying discussion on CO2 and the progressive electrification of automobiles and accompanying altered self-image of transmissions as powertrain managers has sharpened the focus on the entire drivetrain. The challenge today is to view transmissions as part of the entire drivetrain and to design the complete drive from this system perspective.
This flux adds to the new title of the International VDI Congress, "Drivetrain for Vehicles", the impetus that drives current drivetrain developers.
* DRIvetrain
* Transmission
* Electrification
* in Vehicles
In short: DRITEV
With friction-optimised, tribologic, highly developed products made of high-performance polymers, we provide you with the contribution to a clean environment. We will be glad to provide you with information on innovations and existing developments tailored to your needs!

We look forward to welcoming you at our stand, 37-2, on the DRITEV in Bonn.
Come visit us!

Location: Bonn, World Conference Center

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